Dog Pics

While the dogs stayed at Chad's this summer, his friends came over and one of them had an iPhone 7 with portrait mode and took some great pictures of the dogs. 

6 Pack NYE 2018

For New Year's Eve this year we went to Roanoke to Mariah's house (like we did for Friendsgiving). Since Brenna and Loyd couldn't make it we had to call it 6 Pack NYE instead of a BFF weekend. 

Saturday night we went to Ballast Point Brewery.

We started superfeast with breakfast cooked by Trey - bbq eggs benedict

Sunday afternoon we went to Valhalla Vineyard... in our matching sweatsuits. We were discussing what to pack for the weekend, debating dressing up for New Year's Eve. And then we joked that instead we should wear pajamas... that turned into last minute buying matching sweatsuits at Walmart. And making logos for them on the silhouette.

We continued the superfeast with plenty of food for NYE. We rang in the new year on the couch in our sweatsuits! 

Holiday Season 2017

We started the holiday season off with a delicious dinner at Angus Barn! Thanks to a gift card from my aunt for my birthday it barely cost us a dime! 

Their Christmas decorations are the best! If only I was a better photographer

We changed up the lighting on our house this year! No more icicle lights. 
These were Trey's idea and I love them! 

We celebrated Chad's birthday with dinner at his house followed by going to see lights! 
The boys enjoyed helping him open presents.

We had many fires in our firepit before it got crazy cold out.
Tyson loves to sit by the fire with us.

When Trey's family came to town a few days before Christmas we started the festivities off by taking them to the Chinese Lantern Festival. 

Christmas Eve the boys watching all the present fun

Tyson seriously loves opening presents.

We had Christmas brunch at our house. I found a few recipes that were amazing. 
Maybe later I'll get to blogging them with my little changes but for now here they are:
Cinnamon Bun French Toast Casserole (not soggy like some can be, delicious!)

Trey and I get each other ornaments every year. This one is my favorite :)
He did a great job!

Christmas day at mom and dads house

Thanksgiving 2017 in the Mountains

We spent Thanksgiving in Valle Crucis with the family. Cooked oysters over the fire, cut down our Christmas tree and enjoyed a lot of relaxing, family time.

And as usual I made Chad take our Christmas card pictures