Our Dogs

Vegas {more often "Veg" or "Buggy"}
Vegas was born July 20, 2004. Trey got her in late August, 2004. Driving back to Greenville with her he and Tony were looking at a map while trying to decide what to name her. G-Vegas (nickname for Greenville) came up and Vegas was the perfect fit! My dad often jokingly asks if I love Trey or Vegas more, we immediately became a perfect family of 3. She is smart, independent minded, very loving, and a great "mom" to her little brother.

Tyson {more often "Ty" or "Butters"}
We had been talking about getting a second dog, a friend for Vegas for a while but it took a while to "take the plunge." We brought Tyson home as a tiny puppy on Christmas Eve 2010. He immediately fell in love with his big sister and does everything she does. It has been fun to watch him grow. He is a wild child and always ready to play but he is also good about just hanging out when we want to be lazy. He loves to snuggle - directly on top of you. He has been the perfect addition to make us a family of 4.

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