We had another home game last weekend, we crushed The Citadel! It was such a fun night of tailgating. Marianna joined us again, this time sans-baby so she was free to party! Night games are always so fun because you have so much time to hang out before hand! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking:

Napping before the party got started

Enjoying the sun, then got hot & found shade

Really roughing it

Yummy goodness that I will post the recipe for soon!
  These two just love to hang out while we tailgate!

 It's exhausting being the center of attention!
 Kickoff time!!

 Trey and Sadler... he just loves to make ugly faces for the camera!

Our party vehicle!

Goodbye hair!

I have been wanting to cut off a lot of my hair lately and yesterday I finally did! And of course if you're going to chop your hair off you might as well cut 10 inches and send it to locks of love! Besides, it grows back! 

Bye long hair! Hopefully someone will enjoy a nice wig with that :)

Wordless Wednesday: Just a typical car ride

Taco Ring

Last night we made a taco ring for dinner. I had seen a picture of it on pinterest and it was pretty easy to make!
What You Need:
1 pound ground beef
2 Tbsp water
1 package taco seasoning
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
2 8oz packages crescent rolls (I had a couple left over)
lettuce (shredded)
onion (chopped up)
tomato (chopped up)
sour cream
any other taco topping you'd like!

What You Do:
Preheat oven to 375
Brown ground beef and drain grease.
Stir in taco seasoning, water and cheese.

Unroll crescent rolls and separate. Arrange triangles in a circle on a round baking stone (we didn't pre-heat ours with the oven but you can) with wide ends overlapping and points toward the outside. There should be about a 5 inch diameter in the center.

Scoop meat mixture evenly onto widest ends of dough at center of ring. Bring points in and over and tuck underneath the wide end.

Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown.

Add toppings in the middle of the ring (lettuce as the base to hold it all together, onions, tomato, a little more cheese and sour cream... or whatever else you choose!)

And if you're curious, like I was, on how to eat it... We "scooped" up a couple of sections and threw the taco toppings on top of it:

This was DELICIOUS. I was very impressed.

First Home Football Game

Last weekend was the first home football game. Tons of friends were able to come hang out and tailgate, it was a lot of fun! Here are lots of pictures of our fun afternoon:

Our set up


Vegas sunbathing

Marianna and Mikey came to tailgate!

Mr & Mrs Wuf with Cora and her grandma

Brenna & her niece Cora, me & Mikey!

Brenna & Cora

Watching the team & band come by the lot

Going in to the game!

Mikey watching the game
The set up at night!

Hanging out with Mikey

Last weekend I babysat Mikey so that Marianna could go run 16 miles (yikes!). We had a lot of fun chasing the "ca" and pushing his stroller. It's so fun to play with babies for a while and then be able to give them back to their mamas :)

Trying to find the cat

Can we go outside, please?


Chasing the "ca"

Creamy Chicken Pasta Primavera

This yummy creamy chicken pasta primavera recipe came from this blog. Once I got all of the ingredients chopped up, it was pretty easy to make! And seriously DELICIOUS.

Serves 6

What You Need:
3 cups penne pasta, uncooked
3 Tbsp. Zesty Italian Dressing
1 1/2 lb boneless skinless chicken breats, cut into 1-inch chunks
2 zucchini, cut into chunks
1 1/2 cups cut-up fresh asparagus (1-inch lengths)
1 red pepper, chopped 
1 cup chicken broth
4 oz. Cream Cheese (cubed)
1/4 cup Kraft grated Parmesan Cheese

What You Do:
Cook pasta as directed on package.  
While the pasta is cooking, heat dressing in large skillet on medium heat.  Add chicken and vegetables; cook 10-12 min or until chicken is cooked through, stirring frequently.  
Add broth and cream cheese cubes; cook until cheese is melted, stirring constantly.  

Add Parmesan cheese; mix well.

Drain pasta and return to pot.  Add chicken and vegetable mixture; toss lightly.  Sauce will thicken upon standing.  

My Knee Progress (Caution to Weak Stomachs!)

Now that my knee is pretty much healed, I thought I would compile a series of pictures so that I can look back at how far I have come :)

On the boat, immediately after I cut my knee: August 4th

After getting my stitches, August 5th

Comparing the swelling, August 5th

August 6th

August 7th
August 10th

August 11th (one week later)
August 14th

August 15th, day before my stitches came out!

August 17th, no more stitches!

August 17th

August 21st

August 28th
September 9th