My Birthday Celebration!

I had a wonderful birthday, celebrating with many of my favorite things. My phone literally buzzed all day with texts, emails and facebook posts saying happy birthday! Here's one of my favorites:

In the morning I picked up my two favorite kiddos and we went to brunch at Ihop then see the movie/documentary Chimpanzee. It was sad in the middle but of course came to a happy end. They made me this sweet birthday card:

Then I came home planning to either do an insanity workout or work on my grad school project that's due tomorrow... well we had no power!! It had just gone out before I got home (around 2:45) and stayed off until about 5:30. Mother nature decided that I wasn't going to do any hard work on my birthday... just relax! So I caught up on some games on my phone and snuggled on the couch with my girl. 

Then the UPS man came by! Luckily since we didn't have power the doorbell couldn't ring to get the dogs all wound up :) But on the porch I found my gift from my wonderful hubby, a GiGi crossbody purse! I love it! I really want the wallet now too, guess I'll need another reason to make a purchase :)

That night, 311 just happened to be coming to town ON my birthday! Chad bought us tickets as my birthday present and so went out to celebrate :) We had pit tickets, right below the stage! 311 concerts are so much fun, everyone is friendly, having a great time and all dancing with the music. It was really cool to be so close to the stage. Slightly Stoopid opened for them and the singer at one point came out and walked on the little barrier holding the pit back from the stage, right in front of us! It was such a fun night! 

Getting drinks between the bands.... $22!


Loved his red guitar, but couldn't do it justice in a picture!

It was such a pleasant day of celebrating my birthday and I get to continue tonight with some good friends for dinner and this weekend my mom's family is coming to town (not for my birthday, but good timing!!).

Relaxing Weekend at the Beach

Last weekend Trey was able to get Friday off and we got to have a 3 day weekend at the beach! We didn't do a whole lot, but it was so wonderful to have 3 full days to rest, hang out with his parents and get some sun. We grilled burgers one night and steaks and scallops the next! We also celebrated Vegas's 8th birthday! I finished one book and started another :) It was such a wonderful weekend. We came back feeling so rejuvenated! If only we could do that once a month. Here's some pictures of our weekend:
On the way

Kisses from little man

Birthday girl relaxing

Celebrating her birthday!

Soccer time!

My ball!

Soccer is tiring

Basically what we did the whole weekend

Time to go swimming!!

He swam all the way back to his daddy

We told Tyson it was time to go to bed, this was where he chose to go

Tired babies on the drive home

Dogfish Head Beer Dinner at Ruckus

Last week we went to the newest Ruckus for a Dogfish Head beer dinner. Dogfish Head beer is all delicious and no woosie beer, and the menu they created to go with each beer was exquisite. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!

1st Course:  "Duck Confit Pizza" w/ brie, caramelized onions, figs and a balsamic glaze. Beer- Barton Baton 10%abv 

2nd Course: "Greek" Salad, feta watermelon kalamata olives and prosciutto served w/ Midas Grape vinaigrette. Beer- Midas Touch 9%abv  

3rd Course:  Balsamic marinated flank steak w/ grilled apricot and rosemary chutney. Duck fat home-fries tossed in garlic parmesan and parsley.  Beer- Raison D'etre- 8%abv 

4th Course: 
Goat Cheese Cheesecake w/ Roasted peaches and basil. Beer- Palo Santo Marron- 12%abv 

AND we each got to keep the 3 Dogfish Head glasses that our beers were served in! So now Trey & I have 6 glasses, enough to serve a dinner at our table :)

They are having a few more beer dinners in the next couple of months, a Blue Moon one and a Sierra Nevada one. I'm most looking forward to the sushi and sake dinner in January!