DIY Canvas Photo

I did it myself! I am trying to get some little house projects done this summer and this was #1 on my list. I decided to re-do my gallery wall, having one for just wedding pictures and am taking the previous frames and putting them in our guest room for a gallery wall of honeymoon pictures.

I followed this tutorial that I found via pinterest. It was so easy! I didn't do the side scrapbook paper, I figured I would stick with the plain canvas at first, but I decided to go back and paint the edges black.It kind of makes things blend a little bit better, not as drastic canvas then photo, plus I can hide where I didn't cut perfectly or line up so well :)
Originally, before I decided to add the black edges... I felt like something was missing

I bought regular painting canvases from Michael's. Nothing fancy, since I'm not actually painting on them. I bought 2 packs that were on sale, or you can always print a 40% coupon offline! I also bought matte mod podge and we had foam paint brushes at home. 

I printed off 8x10 and 5x7 pictures to shutterfly and had to trim them slightly because the canvases are supposedly the same sizes but I think when they wrap around you loose a hair, so I used my paper cutter and literally trimmed them a tiny bit.

"Paint" a later of modpodge onto the canvas (it's basically a glue) and then lay the picture onto it, smooth it out (turn it over to also smooth it out on the backside). Once that layer dries, paint another layer over top of the picture, it will dry clear!

Wet with mod podge
Dries clear!

After it dried I sponge painted the black on the edges of the canvas and a little onto the edge of the picture.
I bought a multi pack of sponges but this basic one was all I needed

Notice the paint around the edges now

All done, and way cheaper than ordering canvas prints!! 

Oh and I can't forget my helpers....

 Come back tomorrow to check out the finished product :)

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  1. May need to recruit you one day next week to help me do this! Finally gonna get some pictures up in Mikey's room!