December Happenings

December has been super busy, with lots of exciting activities before the holidays. We had our annual trip to Delaware for Christmas with the Sutton family

One evening we took Vegas to her monthly visit with CARE NC. We went back to the place that Vegas met "the treat lady" who filled her belly full. She was excited to be back and really enjoyed going around to everyone's room and greeting visitors. Unfortunately the treat lady has moved to a different location so we didn't get to see her again. Vegas did see this big "treat" on her way out though and was pretty excited about it. 

Chad had his Christmas/birthday shindig one weekend. It was a "half-ass costume party" so everyone came decked out... it was pretty awesome. 

We celebrated Kristen's birthday and Christy and Ryan's graduation from NCSU with their MBA!
 (I'm quite the artist)

Had lots of warm doggie snuggles: 

And celebrated the marriage of two great friends, Jennifer and Rick. It was an unusually warm weekend for December (70+ degrees!) and a wonderful weekend. 

 Jennifer's best friend from high school, Joy, and I were here program/guest book attendants. Anyone recognize the program box? :) And how cute is that "guest book"

 Unity Sand

                                             Ladies from the math department!
These boys had quite a good time

Christmas in Delaware 2013

The first weekend of December we headed up to Delaware for the Sutton family Christmas celebration. We wanted to stop through DC and check out some sights but it was a cold rainy day so we nixed that plan and decided to head to the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton and then on to the Brew Pub in Rehoboth Beach! 

They have majorly expanded the brewery since we were there, so we enjoyed a few free samples and then hopped on the tour to check out the new production. 

They added this new warehouse out back. The piping is sending the beer out to the warehouse to the new bottling line and soon a kegging line out there. 

Bottle warmer so that then the labels can be applied:

And boxed!
Piping, heading back to the brewery:

We did a little bit of shopping

Then headed to Rehoboth. We enjoyed dinner and a couple of brewpub exclusive drinks:

After dinner we headed to Dover and stopped in to on of their beer/wine/liquor stores. This case was just hanging out up there, it had literally disappeared off the shelves in NC in a matter of hours the previous weekend. 
And we found some World Wide Stout from 2010.... that would never just sit on a shelf in Raleigh, if we could even get that beer in NC.

We stayed the weekend at Mommom Pat's... Her Jack Daniel decoration, including the lighted bottle Trey made her a couple of years ago:
Lounging around with my favorite tiny dog
The next morning we did some shopping, we always have to hit up the Amish stores. Here was a horse & buggy that all of the Amish "drive" around town.
More crazy bottles sitting on the shelf that flew off in Raleigh:
Saturday afternoon was "Christmas" at Mommom Pat's. McKenna got a "computer" and was pretty excited about it. It's amazing what little kids know and understand. At one point she said "my computer needs charging" What! She's 2!
Enjoying our new glass "solo cups" and some Christmas brew.
Nevaeh got a pipe cleaner creations book so we spent the evening creating EVERY pipe cleaner animal in the book. I don't know who enjoyed it more, me or her :)