Vegas the Therapeutic Visitor

A couple of weeks ago, I posted (here) that Vegas passed her assessment to be a therapeutic visitor. Last Thursday, she had her first actual visit! 

CARE NC, Inc. takes dogs from the SPCA to visit local assisted living centers and since the SPCA dogs could get adopted at any time they like to have community dogs as their back up. (Anybody in the Raleigh area who wants to see if their dog can be a part of it should contact them, they need more community dogs!)

We took Vegas to visit at The Heritage in North Raleigh. She did great!! It was so sweet to see all the residents so excited about the dogs. We met a couple of the volunteers for the group and they brought a sweet chocolate lab from the SPCA with them. We went up to specific rooms that ask for visitors, knocked on the door and most of them were in their with treats in hand waiting for us! One lady was so sweet, she loves seeing the dogs so much. She had bags and bags of treats and literally pulled out handfuls at a time to feed them. It made her so happy to have Vegas eating right out of her hand. 
Where to?!

 After visiting in those rooms we headed back downstairs to the lobby and socialized with residents and their families hanging out in the library and common areas. Many of them know the exact time the group is supposed to show up on Thursdays and waits for them :) 
Hanging out in the lobby
We all had a great time bringing smiles to their faces. Tyson had been at his grandma's house while we took Vegas to visit. We went back to pick him up and he had to sniff her like crazy to see where she had been. She laid out on the couch and was basically in a food coma... she seriously had a pot-belly full of treats! 

On the way home Tyson wanted to be sure his sis could never leave him again:

Maybe one day they can go visit together!

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