Photo Booth Fun!

Trey and I went to his cousin's wedding a year before we got married, and they had a photo booth during their reception. We had such a blast in the photo booth (and the print outs still hang on our fridge!) that we decided we had to have one at our wedding! I looked at a variety of photo booth companies but I liked the way that these printed out the best and went with Carolina Photo Booths. They bring props like boas, funny hats and sunglasses to add to the entertainment. They set up the booth in a little nook in the ballroom and it was ready to go before the reception started. We were hoping that people would be able to begin enjoying it during cocktail hour, however we didn't have power for that hour so right as the reception began and the power came back on everyone started having a blast in the booth. We decided to use the photo booth pictures as our guestbook/scrapbook - I didn't really want to do the boring, just sign your name guestbook. At a cocktail table near the booth we laid out a scrapbook that I found on etsy with pens and glue. The idea was to have people print two copies, one for the scrapbook and one for themselves; a lot of people did do this and left us a sweet little note along with their picture. The scrapbook that we have is so much fun to look through and re-live the fun of the night. We finally got a cd of every picture taken - it has each individual picture along with each print out. I just have to include a few of my favorites!

The bridesmaids before the wedding

Trey's cousins, Sarah, Laura & Atticus

My cousins, Patrick & Dain

Savannah, Matt & Marianna

Erica, Jason, Drew, Lindsey & Jay

Nana even got in the photo booth!

My aunt & uncle!

Brenna, Greg & mariah

David & Sam Stokes (Best Man's parents)

Our mommas!

Trey's groomsmen love him - Sadler & Greg

Trey spent a lot of time in there.... with Kimberly here!

I appeared at times!

Uncle Lou & Uncle Billy!

My parents :)

Trey's parents!
Okay, so that was a lot of pictures but there are too many hilarious ones!!

Our amazing families

We could not have done any of this without the support of our amazing families. We took pictures with family after the ceremony and they turned out wonderfully, so I thought I'd share some with everyone.

Trey & I with his grandpa, who officiated our ceremony!

My side of the family

My grandmothers

The Phillips side of the family (my moms)

Riley side of the family (my dads)

Trey's side of the family

With Trey's grandparents

Weeks side of the family (Trey's mom)

Winoski side (Trey's dad)
Sutton side (Trey's stepdad's)

The beautiful touches

There are so many little things that I loved and wanted to share that don't really fit in the story of our day. Here are a few shots of the Preston Woodall House.

We originally planned for the wedding to be outside but as the time grew closer we assumed that it would probably be moved inside. By Saturday morning our florist (Dutch Iris from Dunn, NC) arrived to set up and they had to officially decide that the wedding would be inside. While we were getting our hair done my wedding planner called and asked my opinion on a couple of things that would have to be different inside than originally planned - I trusted their judgment and said do whatever you need to! It turned out amazing!
View up the aisle

The last minute change turned out beautiful

Good thing we had candles as part of the decoration!
Unique flowers creating a beautiful centerpiece!

Our wedding cake was very unique - just the way we liked it. There were four layers - each a different flavor! It was not your typical white cake with flowers. We used Swank Cake and were so happy with our cake. Our cake topper was bride and groom figurines and we also had figurines of Vegas and Tyson! They didn't fit on top with us so they were on the sides at the bottom. We loved it! Trey's uncle created an awesome groom's cake of a hole at the NC State golf course!

Our awesome cake!



Grooms cake

We had some great shots of accessories that I loved - my red shoes, the girls flower rings, the toasting flutes that my aunt and uncle gave us, the beautiful earrings that I borrowed from my aunt for the day, the menu cards to let the guests know all of their amazing food options.
My shoes

Beautiful earrings

Gorgeous, red toasting flutes

Menu cards in the silverware

Flower rings

One of my favorites is of the lockets that I pinned to my bouquet - I found them through etsy and had a double-sided locket to put pictures of my grandfathers in and a dog themed locket to include a picture of shadow. I knew they were all with me that day in spirit but wanted to include them.
The two lockets - Shadow and Pop in his air force hat

Other side of the locket - my pawpaw

Just the two of us :)

Of course we had a ton of pictures of just our little family, so here are a few great ones!

Being blown away by the tornado

Loving on my man

Doing Trey's dance

Dancing in the street!