It's always beautiful the day you have to leave

Saturday we were scheduled to be picked up by the shuttle to go back to the airport at noon. We got up and enjoyed breakfast one last time and then spent a few hours hanging out on the beach. It was beautiful, of course! We had been wanting to play with their water toys so we went out on the aqua cycle. It was surprising easy to steer.
Laying on the beach

Trey getting some last minute sun

The view of Iggies from the water on the aqua cycle

Us on the aqua cycle!

Laying by the pool

Sadly, we had to head back to shower and pack around 11. We got one last drink to take to the room - we had been wanting to try it all week. It was a bucket called voodoo juice, basically rum and fruit juice, it was good!
Voodoo juice

Iguana food!

Feeding the iguanas

We were picked up by a shuttle bus to go back to the airport. We got a few pretty pictures as we rounded the hillsides on the way. As we were driving through Charlotte Amalie, Trey was playing with his wedding ring and we were sitting in the front seat of the bus - next to the door. The door was a little double door that swings closed, but wasn't 100% sealed. Well I'm sure you can guess... he dropped his ring - ping, ping, ping - out the crack in the door! As I scream the bus driver stops the bus. Luckily they drive on the left side of the road and we were in the far left lane - and the traffic, for once, wasn't as busy as we've seen it. Trey and the nice bus driver got out to look for it, it wasn't too far behind us and the sunlight shined off of it just the right way so Trey actually found it pretty quickly. As he got back on the bus an older man across from us showed him his hand and said that his has stayed on for 28 years :) Maybe he won't play with his ring as much anymore.
View of Charlotte Amalie Harbor

View on a hill heading toward Charlotte Amalie

We finally made it to the airport! As we unloaded our luggage we saw a huge line near the American Airlines check in. Trey and I were excited that we were flying Delta and wouldn't have to deal with that line. We were wrong... that line was to get through customs, it just happened to weave past the AA check in. It took us about an hour to get through customs and security. By then we were hungry, so we stood in line another 20 minutes at the only food option in the airport. Before we knew it we were boarding a plane to head home! It was sad to leave but also kind of exciting to get back to our bed and our dogs :) We were welcomed home with lots of slobbery kisses.

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