The party - part two!

After dinner the dance party really got hopping! Before we even cut the cake (which sits on the back of the dance floor) we couldn't resist getting out on that floor dancing. The children were wound up at this point and were great dancing partners!
Enjoying the photobooth!

Everyone enjoying the reception

Starting the dance party with Chad & Nevaeh

We put a pause on the dance party to cut the cake - we had to enjoy the beautiful cake and go ahead and get it off the floor, so that we had plenty of room! Trey and I cut into the layer of red velvet cake - it was delicious. At first I thought we were going to play nice so I didn't shove it all over his face, but I should have known that Trey wouldn't let me off that easy :)
David giving his best man speech

Christy giving her maid of honor speech

Enjoying the speeches

Cake time!

Who will play nice?

After we all had cake we got back on to the dance floor! We danced for hours and had a blast! Everyone was breaking it down.
A little bit louder now!

Savannah & Matt having fun :)

Too cute!

A sweet embrace

Party animal!

Going in for the garter!

Tossing it to the guys

Jay putting the garter on Elizabeth's leg!
They are all so thrilled :)

Elizabeth caught it!

Enjoying the photobooth accessories

Breaking it down! (Check out Trey's face!)

Since Vegas & Tyson were out in the RV we had to go out there and get a picture with our babies :) They were wound up and very happy to see us, so it was difficult to get a good picture!
Tyson wouldn't sit still!

A decent one
Save the last dance for me

The crowd fizzled as it got late (we were lucky and had our reception last until 11:30 - a little later than most) but we still had quite a few people left when the party ended and we did an exit with sparklers. The guests held sparklers and we ran through them. The initial attempt was to have everyone else follow us out and kind of run down the road a little bit with us, but the only person that actually did that was my cousin. The pictures of that are hilarious to me.

Haha - Patrick was the only one that came with us!

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