A day in the BVIs

Thursday we got up bright and early to get a cab over to Sugar Bay. We signed up for a day sail on the Daydreamer, that leaves from the Wyndham. We were welcomed aboard with juices, fresh fruit and muffins.  We set sail for St. John for a morning snorkel. They don't always go to the same place but we ended up going to Honeymoon Beach, the same place we went snorkeling on Tuesday! So Trey and I snorkeled again and spent some time hanging out on the beach.

Our boat, Daydreamer

One of the ways to get off the boat - a water slide!

A sting ray

Trey on honeymoon beach

The view of St. Thomas from Honeymoon Beach

Hanging out on the beach

We made a turtle!

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Me snorkeling

So many sea turtles!

Back on the boat, heading to Jost Van Dyke!

From there we set sail for Jost Van Dyke!  The crew takes care of customs for us (since it's the British Virgin Islands). We went to "downtown" Jost Van Dyke to the famous Foxy's for shopping and lunch.
Decoration at Foxy's

Our drinks at lunch

Us after lunch

"Downtown" Jost Van Dyke - Foxy's

 After lunch, we left "town" and cruised to White Bay.  There we enjoyed the fun of the infamous Soggy Dollar Bar, a bar on the island. In the past there was no road to this area, you had to boat over and there is no dock, so you either take your dingy up to the beach or swim up! There is now a little road connecting this bay area to town, but most people still boat over and swim up.  White Bay is absolutely gorgeous.   We bought t-shirts from Soggy Dollar Bar which they put in a ziploc bag for you to get back to your boat!
Getting some sun on the way to Soggy Dollar Bar

Beautiful White Bay

Soggy Dollar Bar

Enjoying the beautiful water!

Soggy Dollar Bar & the beach

Such clear water!

Taking our t-shirts back in their ziploc!

We ate dinner at Lobster Grill, again! We enjoyed working our way through their menu and each night they have different specials. After dinner we relaxed in one of the hammocks on the beach :)

Me at dinner

Beautiful view at dinner

Relaxing in the hammock!

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