DIY: Invitation Keepsake Ornament

I found this idea on pinterest and it seemed pretty easy, but is a great keepsake so I thought I would try it as a part of a wedding gift for a friend. It could also work for a baby shower or any other little invite you get. 

What You Need:
1 clear, empty ornament (mine came from the kid's section at Micheal's and was 2 pieces)
invitation you want to use
a pen

What You Do:
Cut the invitation into 1/4" strips.
Wrap each strip around a pen. I used 2 different size pens to get multiple different sized spirals. 

Put all of your spirals in your ornament and close ornament. 

Loop ribbon through to make a hook to hang the ornament from. 
Tie a bow around the base of the loop and add the charm to the bow. (I did the cross over first, added the charm, then looped the actual bow). 

Really simple!!

Amy & Jordan's Wedding

Brenna's sister, Amy, got married this weekend. It was such a fun wedding, everyone was carefree and really enjoyed themselves. The dance floor was hopping all night, they had a photobooth, which of course was hilarious. It was at the Hudson Manor, out in Louisburg so Allison's dad dropped us off out there and a group of us got a party bus to drive us home... such a blast!

 Beautiful ceremony site

 Allison, Greg & Mariah

 Trey (showing the program) and I

 Their daughter, Cora, sitting with grandma


 Beautiful bride

 Mr. & Mrs. Wilkes!

 Cora loving on her grandma!

 Brenna & the best man

 Their first dance... to the same song as our first dance!

 Loyd & Brenna

 Roomies... Me, Mariah & Allison

 Brenna's maid of honor speech

 Delicious funfetti cake

 Hilarious photobooth pictures

Trey and Clay DJing on the party bus on the way home!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wonderful, fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend. Friday night we went to Los Tres for Mexican dinner with Christy and Jonathan and enjoyed a couple of much-needed large beers:

Saturday I met up with some of the people who will be my teammates for the Tuna Run 200 Relay in October and we did 5 miles along the Neuse River Greenway. Tyson ran with us too :) He enjoyed it. 

After my run I headed to Brenna's pool to hang out with her, Allison, Mariah, and a whole crowd of people. While I was at the pool, my awesome hubby was at home working hard. He bought lumber to build shelves in our shed and did a great job. It was all complete by the time I got home from the pool. I came home to a much emptier garage, since there is now more space in the shed!

Empty garage I came home to!

Saturday night we went to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park to watch the NCSU vs UNC baseball game that lasted 18 innings. We got tickets in a suite from Jonathan, but he wasn't able to go so Trey, Sadler and I went and enjoyed the suite. Since it was an NCAA game, they couldn't sell beer to the general public, but since we were in a privately owned suite we were able to buy it :) You could also order food in the suite but pretty much anything you ordered was large enough to serve 10 people... and cost enough for 10 people to pay for it. So we didn't order any food. It was nice to be in a warm suite since it was cool outside that night. The game went until 2 am! We stayed until the end of the 17th inning... it was the 3rd time we got bases loaded and only 1 out... and didn't manage to pull out a win. We knew it would either be an even longer night or we would lose, and we were exhausted so we finally headed out. They only played 1 more inning... and we were right... we lost :(

Sunday we enjoyed some play time with the dogs and then went to my parents' house and took a walk to the lake with them. That evening we went to Amy and Jordan's wedding. Check back tomorrow for a post about the wedding! 

 Drinking from the hose
She really wanted the fly on the screen, when she couldn't get him,
she got mad and went to chew a tree

After the wedding we all crashed and Mariah & Greg's house. When we got up Monday morning we hung out on their back deck with the dogs... Penny decided she wanted to sit with Trey :)

Monday night we topped off the weekend with a cookout at our house. We finally enjoyed the nice weather on our back porch and had more lap dogs after dinner:


We haven't done anything too interesting to do individual posts about but I thought I would dump all my phone photos here of the little things we have been doing lately:

Trey put a strawberry container with rotten strawberries outside one morning in a rush before heading to work, it was eventually going to make it to our compost bin, well a little someone found them before they made it there:

This weekend we cleaned and organized the guest bedroom:

Trey power washed the porch and re-arranged the furniture:

The dogs enjoyed an afternoon nap in their typical positions:

One night this week we went for a nice long walk... it tired them out:

It's so hard to get up and leave for work when they are this cute:

And one last picture of daddy's girl being needy:

Yard Work

Last weekend we got a few more necessities at Lowe's and added some life to our front porch, refilling our hummingbird feeder and adding a hanging plant:

Finally put flowers in the flower box on the shed:

And added another tomato plant to our garden (a squirrel or something snuck in and ate the first one!). 

A Weekend of Celebrating

I don't think I've ever had more celebrations to attend in one weekend than we did this weekend. 

Friday night we started the weekend off by heading out to Sadler and Katherine's house to grill steaks and enjoy smores by the fire in their backyard to celebrate his birthday. 

Saturday, I officially graduated with my Masters in Education from East Carolina University! I didn't go to Greenville for the graduation but my friend who did (for her sister's) sent me a picture of my name in the program... it's official:

Mom and Dad treated us to lunch at McCormick & Schmick's along with Chad, Nana and Mammaw to celebrate my graduation :)

Later that afternoon we headed to my aunt's house to celebrate my cousin Patrick's graduation from UNC and his cousin Erin also graduated from NC State this weekend so we had a big celebration for both!

After Patrick's celebration we topped the night off at Christy and Jonathan's house to celebrate him also graduating from UNC! Christy went all out and had an awesome party to congratulate him... topped off with a Tarheel cake:

Sunday Trey and I spent the day running errands and being productive around the house... the typical Sunday at our house: laundry, brewing and cooking:

We also picked fresh strawberries! They are delicious. But all the picking and plant touching made me break out in a rash for a few hours... no fun. 

After getting a few more plants and things, Trey finished up some yard work that I will share tomorrow and we finished the weekend off celebrating Mother's Day with my wonderful mom.