DIY: Invitation Keepsake Ornament

I found this idea on pinterest and it seemed pretty easy, but is a great keepsake so I thought I would try it as a part of a wedding gift for a friend. It could also work for a baby shower or any other little invite you get. 

What You Need:
1 clear, empty ornament (mine came from the kid's section at Micheal's and was 2 pieces)
invitation you want to use
a pen

What You Do:
Cut the invitation into 1/4" strips.
Wrap each strip around a pen. I used 2 different size pens to get multiple different sized spirals. 

Put all of your spirals in your ornament and close ornament. 

Loop ribbon through to make a hook to hang the ornament from. 
Tie a bow around the base of the loop and add the charm to the bow. (I did the cross over first, added the charm, then looped the actual bow). 

Really simple!!

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