Red, White & Blue Trifle

A friend at work often makes this trifle for get-togethers so last week when I wanted to make a light & fruity dessert for dinner I asked her for the recipe. It was pretty easy too, so I thought I'd share:

What You Need:
Pound cake (depending on the size of your dish, 2 of the rectangular cakes)
Jell-O pudding, cheesecake flavored (again depends on dish size, but 2 small packages will do)
Strawberries (I used 1 lb)
Whipped Cream (2 packages)

What You Do:
Well, it's a trifle, so you layer it :)
Cube the pound cake and start with a layer of that on the bottom, top with the pudding, then a layer of strawberries and blueberries. Make them look pretty along the sides of the bowl! (This is why it is helpful to actually use a trifle dish!) Top with whipped cream and repeat until you run out of space or supplies. Refrigerate until serving.

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