Big Rock Week 2016

Last week we headed to Hatteras for Trey to fish in the Big Rock tournament with his family. While he fishes I hang out poolside, go for walks on the beach and read an entire book in 2 days :) Such a nice relaxing time. 

Wednesday was stormy in the morning so they took a lay day. We lounged inside while it was stormy in the morning and then headed poolside once it cleared up. 

 This is the view from the porch right off of our bedroom of the house!
The harbor is so pretty

Thursday and Friday had great weather so they went out fishing both days. I stole most of these pictures from Sarah's facebook since Trey didn't care to take many while he was on the boat :)
Thursday morning there was a rainbow, if only my iPhone camera could have done it justice

We stay right next to the harbor and I can watch them leave!

After the light rain cleared I went for a long walk to/on the beach

 Thursday they caught dinner! Trey reeled in his first dolphin

 On Friday they caught (and released) a white marlin, that's it dancing above the water.
 Trey, his aunt Brenda and uncle Bobby

The colorful boats in the harbor

The sunset Friday night was a gorgeous pink

BFF Lake Weekend

Friday evening we went out in the NoDa area. We went to a few breweries in the area.

 Sunday was Greg's birthday so Mariah decorated and Allison brought him a cake to celebrate. 

Saturday was a gorgeous day on the lake

 Mom and dad watched the dogs for us while we were gone and they actually went to the mountains, so the dogs got to enjoy a vacation too!

Sunday we got cheap tickets for Carowinds so we headed there bright and early to have some fun! We all felt a little rough starting out the day since we partied hard on Saturday but it was still a blast.

May in Pictures

Things always get busy as the weather gets nice!

Sunday Funday

Hanging out in the yard with Vegas

Maddi's graduation celebration at TOPO

We kept Bailey for 10 days while her family went to the beach. She is diabetic now so we had to give her insulin shots. And she is getting pretty bad cataracts. But still sweet as can be.

Beefmaster for Sadler's birthday again this year

Amazing brunch thanks to Trey's culinary skills

 Matt and Lindsey's wedding in Hickory!

Mandy and Andy spoiled the dogs for us while we were gone

NC State in the playoffs at the DBAP

 A nice weekend at the beach - the dogs were so excited to go out on the boat

 Our nephew, Keeran!

 Tyson and Connor are the best of friends. Connor is getting pretty good at throwing the ball for him. And Tyson loves to sneak in kisses when he can