May in Pictures

Things always get busy as the weather gets nice!

Sunday Funday

Hanging out in the yard with Vegas

Maddi's graduation celebration at TOPO

We kept Bailey for 10 days while her family went to the beach. She is diabetic now so we had to give her insulin shots. And she is getting pretty bad cataracts. But still sweet as can be.

Beefmaster for Sadler's birthday again this year

Amazing brunch thanks to Trey's culinary skills

 Matt and Lindsey's wedding in Hickory!

Mandy and Andy spoiled the dogs for us while we were gone

NC State in the playoffs at the DBAP

 A nice weekend at the beach - the dogs were so excited to go out on the boat

 Our nephew, Keeran!

 Tyson and Connor are the best of friends. Connor is getting pretty good at throwing the ball for him. And Tyson loves to sneak in kisses when he can

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