The party - part one!

After the ceremony the staff had to change over the ballroom into the reception area, so the guests had to hang out on the other side of the house and on the porch (luckily the weather was fine at this point, just still wet outside). We still had no power so it took a little while to get this all done. We couldn't play any music yet since we still had no power! My awesome friends, Savannah and Matt, were on a mission to find us a generator since it had been a while and the power didn't seem to be coming on any time soon. They found a rental company that was willing to bring the generator to us for a great price! In the mean time, my parents' RV was parked next to the cottages so dad went out to pull it around to use the generator to play some music - I was ready to party! Just as dad got the RV to the front of the house (and the rental generator was pretty close also - we needed lights too!) the power came back on!! We should have tried that a couple of hours sooner :)
Pulled up the RV for power!

Vegas wants to know what's going on!

The ballroom is ready for the reception! Beautiful centerpieces

Dinner tables

The photobooth - so much fun!

All set up!

After we all took pictures and the reception area was now ready (and the chef and his team managed to cook all the food during this time somehow without power!) it was time to get the party started. The bridal party was introduced first followed by our parents and finally Mr. & Mrs. Trey Winoski! We walked right to the dance floor and danced our first dance, to Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat. We took a couple of dance lessons to try to get a few steps in mind, but no routine or anything. There is a huge difference dancing in jeans versus a huge poofy wedding dress! We got out there and not only was my brain fried from the craziness of the day so far but I went to step and stepped on my dress! Trey (the one with no previous dance experience) was perfectly fine, had steps worked out in his head and was ready to lead me. I however (with dance experience, thinking I would be the one knowing what I was doing) went blank! Basically I said lets throw this out the window and just dance around a little :) He spun me a couple of times and definitely showed me that he is the leader! It was sweet and enjoyable but not what I pictured originally! Moral of the story.... don't waste your money on dance lessons unless you're going to have a routine that you actually practice! Just get up there and dance with your husband :)
Chad & Mandy walking out together

Trey's parents

My parents

Trey & I being introduced!

Discovering that every time I move I step on my dress!

Okay, lets just have fun

After our first dance, I danced with my dad and then Trey danced with his mom. The guests were at tables, so my dad said a few words and thanked everyone for coming, then it was time to pray before the food! My grandmother came upon the "Mountain Mans Prayer" a few years ago and it is said at dinner with any of our family all the time now - they all love it. They especially love making my brother say it in his deep voice. Well my mom decided to call Chad up there to give our prayer - spur of the moment. I'm sure many people were confused as he said "Dear Lord, we're all here and we're doing alright. And we're much abliged." The mountain mans prayer - short, sweet & to the point. :)
Me & Dad dancing

Trey & his mom dancing

Chad giving the prayer

Trey and I took a seat at our sweetheart table and the staff brought us food, so that we didn't have to go through the line. It was supposed to be "stations" but turned out to be more of a buffet, as people didn't really realize that they didn't have to wait through a line - they could jump around. Even though there was no power while they were cooking, the food turned out great!

Shrimp & grits

Martini glasses for shrimp & grits

Carving stations

During dinner the power went back out, but luckily came back on pretty quickly. Good thing, because it was getting dark outside and we couldn't see much without the lights!

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