Shopping in St. Thomas

On Tuesday we finally had the time to eat breakfast at Lobster Grille. We had fresh fruit, mimosas, I had french toast and Trey had eggs benedict with grilled pineapple. This was one of the only times I took a picture of our food.
Sitting at breakfast

Trey's breakfast
We got a cab in to Charlotte Amalie for the day to go shopping! Trey had been wanting to get a new watch and I just thought I'd see if I could find anything that really jumped out at me. In St. Thomas you don't pay taxes and they are more willing to cut the price on things, so it's definitely a good place to shop. We found a watch that he liked in the first shop that we went in to but shopped around for a little while. We didn't like any other watches better so we went back to that store. While he discussed a price with them I was looking at rings. My engagement ring was a solitaire and I found a setting that matches my wedding band and fell in love with it! They offered us a great price and we were able to watch while they took my diamond and put it on this band. It was a pretty cool process. I couldn't stop staring at my hand for the rest of the day :) It suddenly got very decorated over the last few days! We also went shopping for liquor while we were in town, they have a huge liquor store and will box it up for you to transport it back home. Bottles down there are liters, not fifths, and a little bit cheaper.

Trey in the open air taxi with his new watch!

Excited about my new band!

One of the yummy rums we bought
 After shopping we came back to the hotel and had some drinks at our swim up bar! We laid by the pool and got some sun. The iguanas walk around the pool deck a lot and one of them was hanging out under our chairs for a while. They are very used to people, Trey even picked up his tail and he didn't care.
Trey's mudslide at lunch

Looking at the beach from the pool deck

Having a drink in the pool

The swim up bar

Trey holding the iguana's tail

Pretty palm tree by the pool deck
Our stay included a sunset cruise to Charlotte Amalie. It was beautiful!
About to go on our sunset cruise

Charlotte Amalie harbor

An old building on a little island just off of St. Thomas

Cruise ship about to leave St. Thomas

Beautiful sunset. Two cruise ships in the back leaving!
 When we got back from our sail we had dinner at Lobster Grill - another food induced coma! It was carnival night at our resort so after we ate we went over to watch the show for a little bit.

Performers at the carnival night.

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