The best week of our lives

We left Monday morning bright and early for our honeymoon to St. Thomas. We flew out from RDU at 7:15, had a layover in Atlanta and landed in St. Thomas at 1:30.
De-boarding our plane in St. Thomas. They don't have jet bridges you just walk right off.

 Then we were on island time - everything goes slower. Much slower. It took a while to get our bags and find our shuttle to our hotel and we were off! The traffic driving through Charlotte Amalie (the main town/harbour) was nuts - very busy - there were a couple of cruise ships in for the day which didn't help either.

We stayed at Bolongo Bay Resort and loved it! As we arrived the lobby staff brought us rum punches - they are so good and you can hardly taste the rum.
My rum punch

We finally made it to our room at about 3:30 pm. We loved it, the beach is one of the larger ones for the resorts down there. The rooms were nothing too fancy but it was all we needed and wanted. Not only did we have the best view you could imagine but everything else that we needed or wanted to do around the resort was within an easy walking distance to us.
Our honeymoon welcome from the management

The view on our doorstep - it was wonderful waking up to that all week.

Our room. The open door is the "back" door - the beach is behind me while I take the picture.

More of our room. All that you need.
After putting down our things we of course went out to explore the resort and the beach. We had an all-inclusive package so we could eat and drink all we wanted for the week!

Our ticket to all the food and drinks we wanted.
We found Iggie's, the sports bar on the beach and had a few drinks.
After attempting a long-arm shot, a couple that we met took this for us while hanging out at Iggie's.

For dinner on our first night (and almost every night after) we ate at Lobster Grille, their fancier restaurant that overlooks the pool and beach. We could order an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert each time we went. It had a way of putting us in to a food coma! Luckily that night we made it through and went back to Iggie's to party for a while and enjoy ourselves.

In order to not make this the longest blog post in history, I will split up the rest of the week by days :)

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