Our last full day

Friday was our last full day in St. Thomas. We got up Friday morning and had a delicous breakfast at Lobster Grille before we boarded Heavenly Days one last time to go on the half day sail to go snorkeling with turtles. The sail went to the island directly across from our bay where there are tons of sea turtles hanging out. We were on the boat for about 3 hours. We snorkeled for about an hour and then got back on the boat to get some sun and drinks! We saw a LOT of sea turtles!
Turtles swimming!

Lots of turtles!

A fish hanging out on top of a sting ray, he stayed on top of him while the sting ray swam.

Finishing up snorkeling

We got back in time for lunch and ate at Lobster Grille again. Their lunch is not quite as fancy as breakfast or dinner, but it did the job! The weather got a little cloudy for a while and we were exhausted, so we took a nap for a little while. At the meet the managers happy hour that I mentioned before, one of the managers mentioned to us that they would be doing a photoshoot later in the week and they needed some people to be in their new pictures for the website. We had talked with her the night before and planned to meet up with them in the mid afternoon. Since the weather was cloudy their shoot had been changed over and over. They set up a patio and got us colorful, fruity drinks and wanted to get our picture just hanging out sipping our drinks with the beautiful beach and sun behind us - too bad it wasn't sunny! This was the only 2 hour period that it wasn't sunny during our entire week there. The photographer was convinced that the lighting wasn't good enough for what they needed, so they took a few pictures for us and said they would email them to us, but they weren't going to be able to use them on the website :( Oh well it was a fun thought!
Nap time

Root beer from St. John at lunch

a little cloudy but still a nice day!

We hung out by the pool for a while, finishing our fruity drinks and reading a book. Then before we knew it it was time for dinner at lobster grille for one last time!
Reading a book on our patio

Sending emails home, checking on our pups!

After dinner drinks on the beach

Iggies at night

An iguana sleeping on a tree!

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