A Nice Little Sunday

This past Sunday we were in town and Trey didn't have to work! (Somewhat unusual)

We got to sleep in a little (Tyson kept checking on us like wake up mom!!) and then took them to the SPCA to meet with representatives from CARE NC for a "therapeutic visitor" assessment for Vegas. CARE NC is a group that takes shelter dogs to local nursing homes for therapeutic visits with the residents. They are not technically therapy dogs since they haven't been through the training. Since these shelter dogs often get adopted out, they need other dogs as backups so that's what we are going to do with Vegas. I figured she would be GREAT at it.... just look how excited she was to see Nana last year when she got home from the hospital:

She passed her assessment with flying colors :) We also took Tyson with us. I figured he is still a bit too young and rowdy to take on the job but they actually said he would be pretty good. He was a little weirded out by the walker and crutches (they test them around "weird" things and actions since they will likely have to be around those in the nursing homes) but if he gets used to those and we want him to be a therapeutic visitor he can too! 

After the assessment we went to Bottle Revolution to enjoy the Festina Peche they had on tap... it is one of my favorite beers and really makes it feel like summer! We got a pizza at the Buffalo Brothers next door and hung out on the patio since it was so nice outside. 

We came home to watch the NCSU baseball game that lasted forever.

During the rain delay we had a quick dinner date to The Pit with a gift card that my sweet student teacher gave me at the end of her time with me this year. It was so good.

We didn't miss much of the game and got back to still watch the last 2 hours of the Wolfpack winning the super regional and moving on to the College World Series!!

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