Beach for Kristen's Wedding

Yesterday I posted about Kristen's wedding but didn't want to bombard that post with all of my beach/dog pictures. Like I said before, the weekend was perfect. The weather was great and we had a ton of fun. 

Trey and I headed down Thursday night after work and got up Friday morning to take the dogs on the beach and let them run before it got too crowded. 

Saturday we all went to the beach before having to prep for the wedding. Seriously, best day-of-the-wedding ever! We took the dogs but couldn't take them off the leash since there were so many people out. Tyson enjoyed swimming even with his leash on. 

Mom and Trey's mom went shelling while dad sat in the shade. 

 We played bocce and had a great time.

Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed the nice weather out on the porch before heading home, but didn't spend too much time in the sun since some of us didn't apply our sunscreen that well on Saturday ;)

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