Mini Pumpkin Pies

My job for Thanksgiving and Christmas is to make Nana's Pumpkin Pie. I doubled the recipe this year and made 2 regular pies and also had leftover filling so I decided to make some mini pies. I got the idea from pinterest but changed it up a bit. 

I used a package of the refrigerated pie crusts. The original poster told you to cut the pie pieces with a cookie cutter shaped like a pumpkin, well since I didn't have one I got creative and it worked just as good. I used my 1/4 cup measuring cup and cut as many little circles out of my pie crusts as I could.

I sprayed my mini muffin tin and put each little pie crust in there. Push it down to fit the muffin tin, then add filling. 

Bake them according to the pie crust package! Easy as can be. 

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