Chicken Pot Pie

My aunt gave me a recipe for chicken pot pie that she adapted from 2 recipes, and I changed it up a bit too. It turned out pretty good. 

What You Need:
3 large chicken breasts, cooked and chopped/shredded
1 (24 ounce) bag of frozen vegetables
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2.5 cups swanson chicken broth
2 9-inch pie shells (Mrs. Smiths is the best)
2 9-inch pie crusts for the top
Salt and Pepper to taste

What You Do:
(Pull out the shell to sit while you prepare) Cook and shred the chicken. Pour chicken broth in a pan and heat on medium. Slowly add the flour and whisk together. Add salt and pepper.

Cook vegetables according to package (usually just boiling them for a few minutes). Combine shredded chicken and vegetables in a bowl. Pour broth mixture over and stir. 

Pour mixture in to pie shells. Slice thin pats of butter and disperse on top of chicken and vegetable mixture before putting on the crust top. Cover with pie crust. Pinch edges to seal. 

Bake at 375 for 45 minutes, on top of a cookie sheet.

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