Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was packed full of family, food and fun. We headed to the mountains to Uncle Tom's Cabin for a couple of days to enjoy Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. The traffic leaving town Wednesday afternoon was TERRIBLE but we finally made it to the snow covered mountains :) We spent most of Thursday lounging around and enjoying each other's company.

 Lounging around in 2013... smart phones and gadgets in everyone's hands
 We headed to a tree lot up the road to buy Christmas trees straight from the ground! They were an awesome deal and it was really fun to go around and pick out our own tree from exactly where they grew.

 The also had wreaths for $1/inch

 Strapped on tight to make it back to Raleigh the next day.

 This huge tree was only $40! 

 Then we started preparing the feast... our marshmallows have failed us over the last few years, we were excited they didn't disappear this time!

 Such a fun couple of days. These 2 had a blast running around in the snow... they slept the whole way home.

Friday afternoon Trey and I put up our tree and prepared for Friendgiving that was being held at our house that night. Come back tomorrow for that post :)

Saturday was the last NCSU football game of the season. It has been a rough season but tailgating and enjoying time with our friends is always fun!
 Tyson was really excited about them throwing the frisbee to play kanjam

 We just decided to enjoy the game from the heat of the RV 

After the football game was a basketball game so we headed in to the PNC arena for that! Long day of cheering on the pack!

Sunday was full of laundry, beer brewing and Christmas shopping and before we knew it we were back to work.

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