Summertime Fun

Before this crazy heat wave hit we had wonderful weather. Last week Marianna and I attempted to enjoy the weather by taking her boat out to the lake. Since the boat is kept in Morrisville we decided to try to head to Jordan Lake, since it wasn't far away. Well it shouldn't have been far away... if we could read directional signs. We missed our turn, went probably 5 miles passed it when we realized this was really far. So we turned back around and finally made it to the boat ramp at Jordan Lake. The weather was beautiful, the ramp wasn't very busy and the lake looked so nice and inviting. Well after backing it down the ramp (she was driving, I was out holding her son, Mikey, and attempting to give directions) we went to back it off of the trailer and it was dead!! :( So we hooked it back on the trailer and decided to call a marine store to see if they carried batteries. They directed us to Batteries Plus, so we headed to the one in Brier Creek and after having to look up what type battery it needed, they so kindly installed it for us for free! She wanted to try to crank it before we left just to be sure and guess what... it didn't crank! So those poor guys who just installed it continued to sit out in the heat and help us figure out the problem. The whole time they are doing this I am pushing Mikey around in a stroller around the parking lot and stores, because he was about tired of being in his car seat! He was ready to go boating! They finally figured out that the plug behind the starter was disconnected, so we got both problems fixed (the battery was also an issue) and it cranked! Well by this point it was 6pm and we were worn out, so we called it a day on the whole boating concept and decided just to get dinner and BEER!

So the next day we were finally able to have some fun in the sun. We went running in my parents' neighborhood (where we both grew up), then came back into the house to cool off and let the dogs and Mikey play. They were all really cute together, the dogs kissed and kissed and kissed him. Mikey does great with them, he deals with their kisses but pushes them away when he doesn't want anymore and they just go with it. I can tell they are like what do I do with this small thing?! Tyson even tried to give Mikey his ball to throw and looked at him like, umm aren't you going to throw that for me?
Finally, I can get those dogs I've been watching run in front of me!!

So many kisses

Okay enough!

Vegas crawled over to him to give him kisses

Come on, throw it!

Around mid-morning we headed to the pool! The water was still a little bit chilly but it was very refreshing after our run. Mikey enjoyed it too, he sat in his float for a while but he wanted to get out and kick. He can kick like a champ! He will probably be swimming in no time. 

After getting out, we tried to lay out and hoped that he would fall asleep but that didn't happen! We made him a little tent to be in the shade and he enjoyed himself for a while.
Just hanging out drinking my milk

Being the life of the party

Since he wouldn't nap there, after spending a couple of hours in the sun we headed back home. I carried him while Marianna carried all of their stuff and literally 1 minute into our walk home and he was limp, sound asleep in my arms. Tired boy!

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