Mini Vacation at Falls Lake

Last week my parents had to park the motor home at the Falls Lake Campground because this was going on at their house:

While Trey was at work I packed up the dogs, dinner and an overnight bag and we headed to the lake! I had a lot of grad school work to get done so the peace and quiet of the campground was a perfect place to do it. It was also nice that I didn't have internet to distract me! 
Best place to do school work

Vegas enjoyed destroying this tree

Hanging out with mom

My 1st attempt at using Panoramic 360 app, to take a panoramic of my awesome surroundings

When Trey got off work he headed over (the campground is very close to his work) and we grilled burgers for dinner. After dinner we took the dogs for a walk and of course pretty quickly discovered the lake. Tyson spots water from far away and is on a mission to jump in! 

Favorite kind of water to drink

Come back here, bro!

The weather was perfect. We slept with the windows open and the next morning Trey had a shorter drive to work than normal :)
Worn out from our walk

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