Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Last week I registered for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!! I am pretty excited, this is the first race I have registered for :) Although, I am going to register for the City of Oaks race in November I haven't done it yet. 

My best friend Christy had planned on running in the race, and we share a LOVE (okay maybe obsession) of Disney, so of course she asked me to join her.
Celebrating New Years 2007 in MGM!

I have been running more and more lately, and have wanted to start running in some races to have a goal to reach. I have been running twice a week with Marianna, who is training to run the City of Oaks Marathon. She is actually raising money through Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you have any interest in donating to the cause, here is her page!

 She has mentioned me running in the half marathon, when she runs the full.... I'm not totally sure if that will happen, but at least the 10k. That's why I haven't registered yet, because I'm not sure which to register for. I want to be realistic, but also push myself. All my life I have been a sprint runner, so this whole long distance concept is pretty new to me, but I'm getting there!

I am so excited to head to Orlando for a weekend in February with Christy to run this race. I'm excited to stay in a hotel, as much as I vacation, it's mostly in an RV and I've always wanted to stay in a fancy Disney hotel! Gotta make the best of my 3 day weekend!! 

They have yet to release the course map for the coming year, so I looked up last year's map. It's pretty cool, I'm so excited to run through the parks. 

 The race is also on my grandmother's birthday, the one who introduced me to Disney World :) She had a heart attack a little over a month ago and has had some issues lately due to it, but is rebounding, so I would LOVE for her to be well enough to come watch me cross the finish line!

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