Breakfast Burritos

Since Trey has to leave for work by 5:30 every morning, we like to keep easy to grab and eat foods around for him. Every so often we like to take the time to stock up on breakfast burritos and while making them today I thought I'd share, as it has taken us a while to get the sizes and portions correct (never use the "burrito size" tortillas! talk about a mouth full)

What you need:
8 eggs
1 lb Jimmy Dean Hot sausage
1/2 large green bell pepper
1/2 yellow onion
8 slices cheese (we prefer white American, it melts the best)
12 medium tortilla wraps
Salsa (optional)

What you do:
Cook sausage (all the way)
While that is cooking, cut the green pepper and onion into small pieces
Drain sausage and put aside, then use the grease in sausage pan to cook peppers and onions. (Or use a different pan and add olive oil)

While those are cooking, in another pan, scramble and cook 8 eggs.
When the peppers and onions are done, I usually throw the sausage back into that pan and stir it all together. 
While both pans of food are cooling, I like to lay out my tortillas all over the island so that I can get a little system going when I fill them. 
 First, tear the cheese slices into thirds, put two of those strips in the middle of the wrap (stacked vertically), so each wrap has 2/3 a slice of cheese. 

Next I go through and split up the egg into each wrap, I just grab a small handful and plop it down in the middle, if I have it all laid out I can even them out later. 
After the egg is on the wrap, either use a spoon or hand to scoop the sausage, pepper, onion mix on top of the egg, spreading it evenly between all of the wraps. 
Depending on my current mood, sometimes I like to add salsa into the mix or maybe a dab of hot sauce on the rare occasion. I just spoon a little bit of salsa on top.
Tuck in the sides and roll up your burrito, after it is rolled, burrito style roll the paper towel around it, it helps especially if you aren't a good burrito wrapper like I am ;)

We put these in this pointless side container in our refrigerator until they are ready to be eaten. 

Take them out and throw them in the microwave for 60 seconds and they will be good to go!


*FYI: Most tortillas come in packages of 10, we usually buy two and also have a taco night somewhere around the same time we make these. If you want to just make 10 wraps, I would cut the eggs to 6 and either only use 3/4 lb of the sausage, or you will just end up with some left over to save! 

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