New Lamps - help?!

I have been slowly re-decorating our room. When we went to Ikea back in the winter we got a new duvet and changed the color scheme. I still need to re-paint our walls... that is going to be a project this summer. I'm hoping to do the walls in a khaki/light brown/burlap color, haven't totally picked one out yet. Our walls are currently a brown color with an accent wall of DARK brown (was painted that way when we moved in). That went fine with our old comforter, a light blue/dark brown design. It also matched our bathroom well, a light blue so we went with dark brown towels and rugs. 

Our new set up, that you can see here in my old post, is a red duvet with a burlap pillow and burlap covered throw blanket. I have been wanting new lamps, in one of the pictures you can see my tacky stainless steel lamp from college on my nightstand. Not only is it not the most gorgeous thing, it gets hot to the touch. Around the holidays I saw a lamp at Pier 1 that was black (the color of our furniture) with a burlap lamp shade... I knew I should have bought them! They were on clearance for like $50 or $60 each (and I want 2) so I just didn't want to spend that much money. I was hoping they would get even cheaper. Well they didn't.... and they are now gone :( 

So I need to find something! I have looked on etsy for burlap lamp shades and found a few cute things, but if I just get a lamp shade I still need a lamp. Anyone know of anything in stores that is cute? 

I think I want a black base, so it will match the furniture and a burlap lamp shade. I could buy them separately depending on the price. 

I saw this lamp shade on etsy, that is super cute, but it says there is only 1 available although sometimes there are really more it's just how the shop is set up. 
I think the red touch would be nice with our duvet. It's $28 + $12 shipping though. Just for the shade :(

Then I also saw this one, which also says there is only 1. It's $39 (but 20% off right now) + $25 shipping... I'm wondering if I can do a lamp like this myself, but will still need a lamp shade. I think that all I would need is chalkboard paint over an old lamp I could find for cheap (or maybe in mom's attic!)

What to do, what to do! I'm also a little bit hesitant to order something online when I can't tell 100% what color the lamp shade is. I think the second one is lighter, which is probably what I would need. Help! Does anyone know where I can find cute, not super expensive lamps and/or shades?!

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