Groupon Date Night

A few weeks ago I found a groupon for $20 towards your dinner at a new Japanese restaurant in Brier Creek, Hiyashi-Ya. The groupon was supposed to cost $10, but somehow I had $10 of groupon bucks so we got it for free!

We finally went on a dinner date this weekend to use our groupon. It was a gorgeous night and somehow we had nothing else to do. Dinner turned out great.  When we got there they asked us if we would like to sit in a booth or one of their tatami tables. We chose the tatami tables for the Japanese experience. It is basically a seat on the ground, with a hole dug out under the table for your feet. It was pretty cool!

Trey got sushi for dinner, it was all delicious. I, of course, ordered Hibachi chicken... yummmm! I love Japanese food!

It was so nice to go out to dinner, just the two of us :)

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