Summer Time!!

I have officially been on summer break for over a week now! I have 65 consecutive days of freedom :) It is such an exciting thought! Unfortunately, it is also Trey's busy season at work so we won't be going on any major vacations, but definitely to the beach on his weekends off. 
I am so excited to hang out with my dogs, exercise & do what I want on my own schedule for a while! That was interrupted this week by a workshop that I attended for a new change in curriculum, but that extra little bit of pay will be a nice surprise in my poor summer months!

I am going to use my free time to do some DIY projects around the house that I have pinned on pinterest

I plan on spending my evenings having a few of these:

For my dad's birthday, I bought something to help me transfer our old home videos to digital file, so I will spend a good bit of time working on that!

Lots of videos!

Watching one of the videos where a horse was delivered to my parent's house!

And of course spending plenty of time with these two:

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