Erica & Jason's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, our good friends, Jason and Erica got married. It was a beautiful day for a wedding, a little different than having a tornado come through! The ceremony was at Pullen Park, it was a really pretty setting in the picnic area. The reading at their wedding was the same as ours, The Art of Marriage, I love that poem and it brought back exciting memories of when my aunt first read it to us. One of their close friends became ordained and performed their ceremony, it was so fitting!
I have a TON of pictures between my phone and mom's, so here goes nothing:

Chad and Jason's sister walking down together

Waiting for the bride

Here she comes!

Art of Marriage

Beautiful big tree

The shelter that everyone was waiting under

Limo Chad rented for them

Mr & Mrs Jones!
 From mom's camera:

Groomsmen waiting

Exchanging rings


Jay & his momma

Beautiful Erica

Chad & I

Dad & Chad

Trey & Dad

Groomsmen's shoes!

After the ceremony we headed to Marbles' Kids Museum where the reception was held. This is actually the same place that we had prom, and it turned out really nice. It was also pretty cool because this time we could actually go upstairs and look down over the walkways to see from above. We also went to play on the equipment/with the toys a little bit. You probably weren't totally supposed to but nothing was really closed off.

Yummy cake!

Here they come!

First dance

Erica dancing with her dad

Trey playing upstairs

Spinning the world!


View of the dance floor from above

Bride & groom in the cage!

It was such a fun night, we are so happy for them and their future together.

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