A Baby Pool!

This weekend Trey and I went out running errands. We had to go to Walmart to make a return, although we do not enjoy going there. It is always so crowded and there are never close to enough cashiers, so the lines take forever. When we pulled up we saw baby pools outside and we have been wanting to get one for Tyson, since he loves to swim so much. When I finally got through the check out line I forgot to get one!! grr We did NOT want to go back in and wait in line and deal with Walmart any more than necessary, so we figured it would be easy enough to find one at another store. We tried Target, Kohls, grocery stores... lots of places carry blow up ones but no hard baby pools. We went in the Rite Aid and they also had blow up ones, this time they were about the size that we wanted and since it was only $10 we decided to get it. We were afraid that the dogs' nails would tear the bottom of the pool but figured it was our only hope right now and only $10, so we got it.

When we got home Tyson was busy playing at the fence with our neighbor's dog, but once we got his attention he loved his pool!

Vegas uses it as her personal water bowl.

Tyson kept getting out and going to play at the fence, getting dirty again, and getting back in. He loves to lay in it! And so far no plastic has torn :)

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  1. If you still want a hard one they have them at KMart by my house