It's been an interesting week at our house... Tyson and I both have had oh so lovely "boo boos." I don't really know any other word to use... nasty gashes? :)

Tyson and Vegas were staying at my parents' house last week when I got a picture message from my mom asking if he had ever scratched his neck raw before or if it was a first.... I was shocked by the picture and said it was definitely a first. (Sorry if you're a weak stomach... skip on down the page!) 

She called our vet and told them about it, and also mentioned that it was gooey and didn't smell so lovely. They decided that it was infected and called in medicine for him which we picked up. 

We put the cone of shame on him until the medicine kicked in enough to make him stop wanting to scratch it (keeps it from itching). 
He turned his cone inside out!

I brought him back home the next day and continued giving him his medicine, but later that night as Trey and I were looking at it we were slightly concerned because it was still so pink and had re-gooed itself. I emailed the vet another picture and let me just tell you. She is AH-MAZ-ING. She called me at 10:15 on a Saturday night to talk to me about it. She re-assured me what was going on (I was starting to get concerned that it was something more/crazy bad) and said that basically he started it with a scratch but it had turned into a hotspot. It was still pink/swollen/gooey because the medicine would take 2 days to kick in, and to keep her updated.

Well, she was totally correct. I woke up the next morning and it looked way better. Way less pink, no more moisture! 

In the morning
By that afternoon... yay for dry & crusty!

And it has been healing nicely ever since.

Now for my gore-y details. I was on a run Saturday morning (after a long night of rain) and ran over a wooden bridge in the neighborhood. I guess the bridge had some mildew on it + leftover rain = slip & slide! Before I knew it my right hand and knee were breaking my fall. Not far away from the tennis court full of about 10 kids taking a tennis lesson. Ouch.

I feel like a wimp but it is surprisingly painful! I can't sit on my knees and as it is healing it hurts to bend/make the skin around it very tight. 
Getting a little better

I guess next time I will be cautious going over any wet, wooden area!

This is how we spent the weekend, healing:

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