Gallery Wall

I posted before that I bought frames at Ikea to work on a gallery wall. I ordered pictures on Shutterfly and was so excited when they came in! I put them all in the frames and then had to figure out how I was going to hang them.

Here are a few pictures of them all laid out so I could try to organize. The desk was moved out of the office a while ago and hasn't made it anywhere else yet. It is very convient to stash things on in the hallway, though!

All of the pictures laid out

Us outside of the Preston Woodall House, Tyson & Vegas!

Eating cake, the ceremony & a close up of us

Honeymoon pictures!

Attempting to design the wall:

Figuring out where I want everything

Seeing what it would look like laid out in that order

Finished product:

My super sweet husband hung all of these for me while I was out Monday evening :)

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