Christmas Celebrations

We woke up at our own house on Christmas morning, opened our stockings and exchanged presents with Trey's parents. They installed a gas range for us on Christmas eve so we knew what our big present was but they also surprised me with new boots and Trey got a lot of tools.

Our new gas range!!

Christmas morning!

Someone please open these bones for me!

Yayy bones!

Playing tug of war with the new toy

We then gathered our stuff and headed over to my parents' house for the rest of the day. We got there and had breakfast, my mom made egg casserole, biscuits and bacon and Trey's mom made sausage and gravy to go with the biscuits! It was a delicious breakfast to start off the day.

Heading to grandma's

Christmas at my parents'

Stockings :)

After breakfast we opened presents. It is always so fun. I love how as you get older it is more exciting to give presents than to get them. My brother, Trey and I go in on presents for my parents together and we had a great time. I made them a photobook of pictures of Snoopy and Shadow that they enjoyed a lot, got my dad a toy helicopter, got my mom a laser light to play with Vegas and lots of other fun things. My parents are giving us a shed for our backyard! We are so excited, what a great gift. I am excited that Trey will now have a space to put all of his lawn/garage type equipment and I can have a lot of room for my car in the garage :) Or maybe one day we can put a ping pong table in there (fold up, of course).

After presents, Frank and Trey went outside to cook oysters that his parents brought up from the beach. I don't eat oysters very much but they were pretty good! Inside, Trey's mom cooked shrimp, they were delicious! And mom prepared the turkey, broccoli casserole and I helped make the "Christmas salad." I also spent hours setting up moms new iPhone and iPad! She is becoming so technologically savvy :)

Cooking oysters!

In the late afternoon, my dad's sister and her family came over along with my dad's mom, Nana. We exchanged a few gifts and had dinner together. Nana gave us a lot of awesome gifts, but my favorite is our new dog leash hook!
Dad cutting the turkey

Stuffing, sweet potatoes and broccoli casserole!
New leash hook!

It is always such a nice, relaxing time spending the day with family. This may have been the best Christmas yet with my hubby and his parents along with my family :) If only Mandy could have been here, but she had to work at the Coast Guard Station in Michigan, I guess someone has to do it! It was a wonderful weekend!!

Even the dogs enjoyed relaxing during dinner!

A worn out pup wearing his new sweater! (He gets cold with so little fur!)

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