New Years Eve

This year for new years eve, I went with my parents and grandma to visit my mom's brother and his wife in Philadelphia. I don't get to see them as much as I'd like so I decided to tag along for the trip since I had the time off. Trey had to work all weekend, so he couldn't join but we still had a great time. We drove up on Thursday, Mammaw's birthday and met my other aunt and cousins for lunch in Virigina and finally made it to my aunt and uncle's house by dinner time. We had a nice birthday dinner for my grandma when we got there!

One of the many deer visitors that they get in their backyard

Friday the girls went to get their nails done and I got a haircut! I got the "gel" nailpolish and it hasn't chipped yet! That's pretty exciting, usually it's chipping like crazy in about 2 days. Saturday we lounged around for a while and then went to visit their dog, Buddy. They discovered that he had a tumor on Wednesday, right before we came up, and he had to have surgery on Thursday. We were sad he wasn't home to enjoy, but glad we could be there as a "distraction" for them while he was at the vet. The vet took wonderful care of him and he made plenty of friends there, I haven't met a single person that doesn't love him. Everything went well, he is home now and doing well!


So happy to be getting love from his aunt & uncle

Saturday night we went in to Philadelphia and went on a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia. It was a dinner boat cruise that came back to Penn's Landing in time for the midnight fireworks! It was a delicious dinner, all you could drink, desert and dancing. It was a beautiful night and really a lot of fun. Since Trey had to work early all weekend he was tired and fell asleep, so I figured that I wouldn't be talking to him at midnight. I was mistaken, my super sweet husband set an alarm to wake up and call me and tell me happy new year :) I was so happy because I had tried to call him about an hour earlier and figured he was zonked out.

Our view, on the water, of the Ben Franklin Bridge

New Year's fireworks!

Dad & I! (the flash was blinding!)
Mammaw, Mom & Dad watching the fireworks

Aunt Jennifer & Uncle Michael watching the fireworks

Our ride for the night!

Sunday we made our way back home and after a long drive, I got home to a happy husband and VERY happy dogs! I think I was missed :)

So excited that mommy is home

SO many kisses

Spastic kisses

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