Curtains are Hemmed!

When we re-did the bedroom color scheme we got new curtains from Ikea. They were a great deal - a set of 2 curtains for $25. Most curtains I have found at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc are $30 for one panel. The curtains from Ikea were 96" and you hem them according to how long you need them. 

I was lazy for a while and finally decided to hem them. I don't have a sewing machine, so I bought Stitch Witch and thought I'd see how that worked out. 

It worked great! I cut off about 14 inches from the bottom (I do a post later this week about what I'm going to do with the extra fabric!) and then folded it up about 2 more inches, and ironed the stitch witch on in the fold!

Lots of extra fabric at the bottom
Measuring out where to cut and fold

Ironing the stitch witch inside
Finished product!!

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