Upcoming Projects

A few of the projects that I began on Sunday are inspired off of pinterest:

Idea from pinterest
I am going to attempt to do something like this with the left over fabric from the bottom of our curtains:

I'm also going to use that fabric to do something like this:

Cover the box spring! With our bed frame a bedskirt doesn't fit very well, and I don't like the white sticking out so I am going to cover it!

The box spring sticking out white, right now!

I am going to use a few old maps to do something like this:

I am going to make my hearts a little bit smaller and probably end up putting all 4 in one 8x10 frame.
The concept is a heart each for where we met, where we got married, where we honeymooned and I added on where we live/our first house. I am going to do little labels to explain each. The white one is just to be a place holder while I plan it out, I need to make one for our honeymoon in St. Thomas.

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