Random iPhone Pictures

Now that I have an iPhone I don't seem to use my camera anymore! The phone is just always right next to me and it has such a good camera that I don't need to go searching for the real one. 

I take tons of hilarious pictures of the dogs on a regular basis, then go back through and delete some (especially because half of the time I have to take multiples to really capture how cute/funny they were being). Most of them don't really deserve an entire post so I'm just going to have a photobomb below and caption some of the cute or funny things that I wanted to record:

Love my daddy

I was watching Friends, and Phoebe started singing and Tyson watched the entire time!

We love daddy so much!

I attempted to snuggle with them on the couch... it turned in to play on mommy time
She always cleans his ears

Vegas loves showers... so much so that when Trey opened the door and offered, she just hopped right in!
Tyson however does NOT enjoy showers :) I was cracking up at him... he is attempting to sit here, so far back that he is sitting on the door. 

Teaching Tyson to go on a walk without a leash

He did so well! Just walking next to daddy :)
New shirt I bought from Cat Banjo... so true. Tyson wiggles all. day. long.

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