New Recipes!

If you haven't noticed by my posts recently, I'm trying to  be a decent cook these days! I have found recipes on pinterest and other websites and have been trying them out. 

Last night we cooked the Chicken-Bacon Alfredo, that we prepared on Sunday with all of our freezer cooking. It was pretty good! It has artichoke hearts in it, I'm not a huge fan of them - I don't dislike them but I don't love them. I would say either don't include them -- but I don't know if they added to some of the flavor that I like -- or I should probably have chopped them up better - probably would use the food processor next time. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures before we dove in! Here is the link for the recipe though: Chicken Bacon Alfredo

Tonight I made Chicken Pot Pie! I have never made it before and it was pretty good! This recipe has a crust made of bisquick. It was pretty easy to make and also pretty delicious! 
Mixing the crust on the left, chicken, veggies, cream of chicken soup and chicken broth

Before adding the crust


My serving!

I also made a dessert a week or two ago, that I repeated tonight. I got the "recipe" from a friend at work. It is so good! It basically consists of chips ahoy and whipped cream! 

It's very simple, dip cookies in milk and make a layer of them on the bottom of dish. Layer cool whip on top of the cookies, another layer of cookies (dipped in milk) and another layer of cool whip, continue for as many layers as you want/can fit/have supplies for! Crumble left over cookies on the top. The container I used is a 2 qt pyrex bowl. When I made it before for a dinner with friends I did a few more layers so that we had enough to go around. Since this is just for me & Trey I did a little bit less. I used 1 package of chips ahoy and 1 container of cool whip this time, if you want a bigger serving get 2 of each!

Putting layers together

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