Nature Walks

Sunday we went out for a hike through the nature trails in a nearby neighborhood. We chose a trail that follows along a creek - one of the dog's favorite things! We went for about 2.4 miles, but I'm sure that the dogs ran at least that. They run ahead and run back to find us and then run ahead again! I have an app on my phone called I Map My Run and it tracks us with gps so that we can calculate how far we go and the speed, etc. We were joking about needing to find a gps to put on Tyson and map how far he actually runs, I bet it is at least double what we do. And by the end he is barely even tired! It is very pretty out there, the trails walk through the woods, and at times pop up near the course. 
On the way:

Tyson likes to look out the back of the Jeep

Vegas checking out where we are headed

View of the golf course from the trail:

Here are some pictures of our hike:

Running hard

Are you slow pokes coming?!

Action shot

Flying up and down the hills

Leaping over sticks
And a video:

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