More Freezer Meals!

This weekend I am going to attempt to put together more freezer meals! We haven't even "run out" of other freezer meals but I am excited to try these recipes, plus my weekends in March get pretty busy so I won't have much time to do a big freezer cooking day. Just wanted to post my ideas and recipes that I am going to try, then I'll post about the outcome!

This chicken cordon bleu bake looks so delicious. It is a make one, freeze one type of recipe. I do that when I make manicotti and I love it!

I love a good pork chop, this is marinated and baked pork chops! I'm sure they will be great. This could be made the day of and just baked but I love to have freezer stuff ready to go, makes my life so much easier on a week night.

Here is an entire post about freezer cooking from the Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis (a friend who's freezer cooking posts are all over pinterest!). She posts about how to make a whole slew of freezer meals at the same time, but I am going to do just a few of these (or I will run out of freezer space!). I am going to make the twice baked potatoes, marinated steak and chicken with honey sauce.

This isn't really a freezer meal but to go on the side with my meals a great side of green beans and carmelized onions. I am going to attempt that with dinner in the near future!

Sorry it's a boring post with no pictures but hopefully soon there will be lots of yummy pictures of food!

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