Busy in the Kitchen!

We have been busy in the kitchen lately and last night was no different! I baked the chicken cordon bleu that I posted about yesterday.

While that was baking I also made twice baked potatoes from the Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis. Here is our attempt the twice baked potatoes:
Shells... notice the sucky ones... those were all me.

Filled, time to freeze them before vacuum sealing

Lots of potatoes to go in the freezer... I'm running out of space!!
It is way harder to scoop out potatoes leaving a nice shell than it seems! Trey was way better at this than me. 

And to go with our chicken cordon bleu we made green beans and caramelized onions :) I'm sure Gordon Ramsey would insult my dish and say that they don't compliment each other but oh well... it's what I was in the mood for.
Cooking Green Beans

Caramelizing onions

All in all it was a pretty good meal and we have twice baked potatoes ready for another night! I'm so glad my hubby is so willing to help me in the kitchen. I'm definitely not the best chef but with his help it turns out pretty good.

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