A productive weekend!

On Friday we had the granite put in and decided it was going to be a productive weekend! After the sink was installed and everything was glued down we couldn't use it for 24 hours but then after that Trey had to install the faucet, connect the plumbing and he actually had to re-do some plumbing because before the garbage disposal was on the left side of the sink, and now we wanted it on the right side (the smaller side). 

We spent all day Saturday getting things done around here, Trey was working on painting the shed while I cleaned and organized the house. Here is a preview of what the finished product looks like. I'll post a lot of pictures in a post later this week. 
Making progress!

Sunday morning, while he worked on all of the plumbing under the sink I hemmed our bedroom curtains and began a few other projects. I'm going to post about each of those later but here is a cute glimpse of what the dogs spent the day doing:

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