Tree Trimming!

Our neighbors had a tree cut down last week, it makes our front yard look so much more open! It is so weird to drive u in the cul de sac and not see it. While the tree guy was here we asked about getting a tree in our backyard trimmed. We have a huge tree near our fence in the backyard and it drops a lot of leaves, creates a lot of shade and some of the limbs were dead. They gave us a pretty good deal and we also asked about cutting down a maple on the other side of the yard. The maple was a very pretty tree, but Vegas peeled the bark off of it a while back and now it is dead :( 

They didn't finish with our neighbor's house until almost dark so they came back to do ours two days later. In the mean time Trey brought home a chainsaw from work and cut down the maple himself! Saved us $100!!

Here are some before and after pictures:
The dead maple

An up close shot of Vegas's artwork

My hard working hubby

Leftover little limbs from the maple

Only a stump left!
The tree before - lots of limbs

The tree now! Way less limbs to deal with
View of our yard now, you can see the tree stump in the middle on the far right - it was a huge tree before!

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