Granite in the Kitchen!!

We have been wanting to put granite in the kitchen since we moved in and the day has finally come! The people who lived here before us upgraded slightly and had put a granite slab on the center island but the rest of the counter-tops were lovely plain white tile. We got moving this winter on our to-do list and granite was #1. It makes the kitchen look so much nicer, and the new huge, deep sink is awesome too :)

Here are a few pictures of what the tile was like:

In the top one, Trey was testing out to see what it would be like to tear up the tile, if it wasn't included in the price... it came up easily! But we ended up not having to do it ourselves anyways :)

After (love it!!):

We got the faucet at Home Depot

Awesome new sink with grates that fit perfectly

I found this cute night light as a finishing touch at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $4!!

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