Labor Day Weekend in the Mountains

Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed to the mountains for a long weekend. My aunt and uncle have a house with a lot of land on the river in Valle Crucis so my aunt and uncle, my parents, grandma and Trey and I headed up there for the weekend. It was a beautiful way to spend labor day weekend.

As we headed up the dogs snuggled in the back seat. 

One time Trey drove over the bumps on the side of the road and it scared Tyson so then he had to sit ON Vegas for a while before he felt better about things. He's such a cute little woosie :)

We stopped by Peabody's Beer & Wine on the way in, they have a great selection and got a few fall brews to enjoy for the weekend! When we let the dogs out of the car they were so excited to run and play in the field with their cousins, Lucy & Izzy. Not long after being there they discovered the river. They spent so much time playing in the river throughout the weekend. They love jumping in and out, Tyson likes to go in deep and swim around. Vegas loves to stand on the edge and drink tons and tons of water. Then they get out and play chase in the yard. It was a blast for them and we loved wearing them out :) Saturday afternoon we hung around the cabin and rested, I did some grad school work and my aunt cooked us dinner. We had a family dinner around their big table! We spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the back porch under the stars.
Running to the river

So excited!

Relaxing :)

Spoiled rotten getting love from grandpa

Gorgeous weather

Sunday morning I decided to get up and go for a run (for the first time in 4 weeks). It was amazing weather, definitely a good time to choose to get back in to running. After I got back we hung out on the back porch and the dogs of course found the river pretty quickly again! It was so fun to just hang out and watch them enjoy themselves so much. After we wore them out Trey and I headed out to do some exploring and shopping. We headed into downtown Blowing Rock to shop around then went to the outlets. We enjoyed glass bottle sodas from a gas station in downtown. I love that they are easily found in the mountains! We also went to the outlets and to the Mast General Store Annex. We found a great jacket for Trey at Mast for $35!
Sleepy heads Sunday morning

On my morning run

Looking towards the river in the morning

Playing in the field

Getting rowdy with sis

Shake shake!

Worn out from all that playing


Mid-day rain

Napping waiting for the rain to pass

Grandpa love

Glass bottle soda!

That night we went out to dinner at the Canyons which is basically on the edge of a cliff in Blowing Rock. It was a gorgeous view for dinner with the family. After dinner we, of course, spent another night just relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness. 

View from the Canyons restaurant

still tired!

Monday morning I went on another cool, pretty run! We let the dogs play in the river again :) And Trey and I headed over to the "main" Mast General Store before heading out of town. This time we found him snowboard pants for $30! Maybe this winter we will actually put my snowboard to use! We headed home in the early afternoon so we didn't feel rushed getting back. It was such a nice weekend to enjoy with family and rejuvinate from what has been a few exhausting weeks!  
Another view on my morning run

Playing with the frisbee

Mast General Store

Worn out!

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