Rehearsal Dinner

The weather was beautiful for our rehearsal, so we practiced outside with hopes that we could still do the ceremony outside on Saturday.

Grandpa Sammy (the pastor), Trey and the groomsmen rehearsing

Dad walking me down the isle
The bridesmaids

We ran through it a couple of times and then also practiced inside.

Trying to figure out where to go

After we finished rehearsing we had a delicious Italian dinner followed by my favorite dessert - a brownie with chocolate icing and strawberries on top.

The beautiful set-up for dinner

We stayed and partied for a while. Christy Colgan (my maid of honor)'s husband, Jonathan, brought his speaker set up and two of my other bridesmaids, Brenna and Allison, made a great dinner mix of music followed by some party music. And of course a party wouldn't be a party without some drinking games so we had to blow up balloons for slam and pop! This is a crazy, fun game that was created at Chad's 30th birthday party.
Blowing up balloons so we could play

Trey popping his balloon on me!

It was definitely a great start to the weekend of celebrating.

The slam and pop crowd

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